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Do you know a young person who wants to learn to bake or decorate a cake? Give them the gift of learning to bake.

Learning to bake is a life long skill and what is learned through baking goes far beyond the kitchen walls. Young people enjoy learning to bake. They learn to communicate through baking; it starts conversations, inspires creativity and encourages discovery.

Baking will connect you with the food you eat and the people around you. Baking creates fond and lasting memories for yourself and others.

Individual Private and Private Group Classes Available. Baking Classes run 3 hours and start at $60 per class or 3 classes for $150.  Private instruction is in the comfort of your home. Contact Terri for more information.

Next-Generation-Baker Workshop

The Basics: Baking 101
You will start with simple, basic techniques and learn the skills to bake using the equipment you have at home.  Learn the difference between all-purpose and self-rising flour, granulated and confectioners sugar, the importance of leaveners and  how to each works in your favorite recipes.  This workshop consists of 3 beginner baking classes; each class runs about 3 hours – we usually have so much fun, they classes run a little longer.

Lesson 1: How to Make Cookies                                                                                              Learn to make 1-2-3 Cookie Dough.  Follow a recipe to make slice and bake cookie dough. This recipe teaches the creaming method, adding dry ingredients and  proper mixing.

Lesson 2: How to Make Cupcakes                                                                                          Learn to follow recipes to bake, fill and frost cupcakes.  You will learn methods to make cake batter, fillings and frosting to create beautiful and delicious cupcakes.

Lesson 3: How to Make a Cake                                                                                                         
In this final lesson, you will choose your cake, filling and frosting recipes. Use the skills learned in Lessons 1 and 2 to create a deliciously unique layer cake.