Making Vanilla Extract

If you are interested in making Vanilla Extract but don’t know where to begin, here’s how I did it.

First: I purchased a Vanilla Extract kit from King Arthur Flour.  It was more cost effective to get the kit than to purchase the supplies separately and I trust King Arthur Flour to always provide quality products.


Second: Read all of the instructions. I know it seems simple, but if didn’t know to “split the beans in half lengthwise, leaving 1/2″ at each end intact,”  your extract will be cloudy.


Third: Use an inexpensive 40% (80-proof) alcohol and don’t add water.


Fourth: Fill bottles to the top rim, covering the beans completely.

Fifth: After bottles are filled and had a good shake, add a “use after” date. I also included a “made on” date.

Last and most importantly… Patience. It takes about 2 months to make.


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